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Moon enters Virgo. Sep 28, AM. Moon enters Libra. Sep 30, AM. Oct 2, AM. Oct 4, PM. Oct 7, AM. Oct 9, PM.

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Oct 12, AM. Oct 14, PM. Oct 17, AM. Oct 19, AM. Oct 21, PM. Oct 23, PM. Oct 25, PM. Oct 27, PM. Oct 29, PM. Nov 1, AM.

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Nov 3, AM. Nov 5, PM.

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Nov 8, AM. Nov 10, PM. Nov 13, AM.

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Nov 15, PM. Nov 17, PM. Nov 20, AM. Nov 22, AM. Nov 24, AM. Nov 26, AM. Nov 28, PM.

Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse + Venus Jupiter Most Romantic Day of The Year! Jan 20-26 2019 Horoscope

Nov 30, PM. Where's That Planet? Provided by. Close It.

Moon Phase

Monetizing our spiritual endeavors, also features greatly this year! Lightworkers and healers…dream BIG! Uranus is our ability to harness the divine signals and utilize the information for progress and evolution. While Uranus rules the Heavens, Taurus rules the Earth- including our physical bodies. Taurus is related to things we rely on, and is concerned with stability, predictability, and resources. It also has to do with our enjoyment of life, with pleasure experienced through our physical senses, and what is most valuable to us.

It might be a Wild Bull Rodeo…! It is the planet that rules the future, and we are currently at a dire crossroads, in need of great change. They are like the bass note of the heavens reflecting the undertone of all of our spiritual processes. They highlight the karmic patterns that we are pressurized to transform to ensure integrated and forward evolutionary movement. Themes of this energetic passage include:. More on this to come! Expect these themes to be highlighted during the eclipse seasons as the Lunar Nodes create the eclipses!

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  • And stay tuned monthly as we will go deeper into these aspects as they move into exact connection. Your email address will not be published. Dream the BIG dream! Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

    The Zodiac and the Moon's Astrological Location

    LOVE your shadow! Taurus New Moon Today!!

    It is rare that all planets are in direct motion for months at a time, and the alignment at the dawn of this New Year primes us for very productive and effective beginnings! Take advantage of this cosmic forward flow to activate your dream seeds, initiate your projects, and generate enthusiastic and successful forward motion to ignite the year with positive momentum! These outer planets shape our collective reality and the results are slow and arduous however bring far reaching and lasting results. Saturn , known as the task master , applies the microscope to the structures and foundations of our lives.